Since 1964, Edwards Paving Contractor Has Been Expertly Meeting The Paving Needs Of Our Community.

When WWII Paratrooper Veteran Wesley Edwards first began paving over 50 years ago, he focused on providing quality paving that would last. Wesley passed on these techniques and commitment to excellence to his son Terry, who passed the torch to his daughter Megan and nephew Brian.

Today, we continue the tradition with deep expertise and commitment to a superior paving service. Our crews are all trained and supervised with the same level of care and knowledge passed down from each generation of Edwards.

We specialize in residential driveways with very clean exterior lines; the finished result is smooth and free of compaction marks. But we also excel at small commercial and heavy duty. We do not skimp on depth or quality of materials. 

For Best Results, We Provide An On-Site Comprehensive Estimate.

Our years of experience have contributed to a tried-and-true process that delivers optimal paving results.

We create an estimate as we walk you through the information and decisions, from what kind of base you’ll need to the size, features, and type of asphalt suitable for your project.

With your aesthetic in mind, your paving project provides clean lines and a functional surface for your vehicles.

Your Estimate Will Personally be Reviewed and Approved by the Owner.

Our comprehensive evaluation includes options for the pavement’s foundation, an often-overlooked aspect of paving that makes a real difference in performance and longevity. We will expertly advise you on the prep work needed to give you the most value for your investment. Our paving crews are well-trained and capable of handling extensive prep work and precision paving for optimal results.

Edwards Paving Contractor Provides Expert Maintenance To Extend The Life And Look Of Your Asphalt.

We provide initial paving, repaving, and maintenance as part of our service. You can extend the life of your asphalt with sealants, which also improve the look of your asphalt as it ages from environmental stressors over time. We also service tar and chip driveways. For all paving services, we serve residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural needs.

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